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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Geeky new gear

Denise and I tend to move at different paces. I move at the rate at which my heart should explode, and Denise moves at the pace in which she finds the envionment, plants, and animals appealing.

As a result I have been examing some ways in which we can stay in touch even when we can't see each other. The top community site for wireless radio is popularwireless.

The winning radio so far seems to be the Motorola T7200.

Of course, as I am writting this Denise is informing me that there is no way we are spending that much money on radios. Thank god for ebay and manufacturer refurbished merchandise!

I was looking at getting a better digital camera and bringing a USB cable to post pictures. Looks like we will be borrowing a friends 3.5 MB camera that has been hardened with use already instead of buying something new.

Can you recommend any gadgets that you have actually used while on outdoor trips?

Update: The Motorola T7200's are being shipped priority post!