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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Kayaking the Osa Penninsula

We took a bus back to San Jose, so that Denise could enjoy a hotel with a pool and get a swim. We also had arranged a 6AM flight into Puerto Jiminez this morning. The hotel was nice and I went for a swim. It was the first time I have been chilled since I left California. Poor Denise. All she wants is a hot day and a cool pool. So I pushed her into the pool anyway! Denise then went to a great masseuse who worked on this muscle in her back for 40 minutes. She was impressed.

We took over the big screen TV at the hotel and watched a special on Britney Spears, drank Punch and Alcohol, and ate too much popcorn.

The flight this morning was awesome. The small plane gettting tossed around by turbulence was refreshing compared to the busses navigating pot holes. It was the most enjoyable transportation since we got to Costa Rica. Look for photos from the air soon.

I have arranged a kayak tour for high tide between 3 and 700 PM. We plan to kayak through the Mangroves, check out medicinal plants, paddle the coast to beautiful beaches, kayak with the dolfins at sunset, and then I am going to swim among the bioluminescent creatures tonight.

I am trying to convince Denise to go on this 19KM hike, 6K uphill, 13K flat to a ranger station. Then another 16KM flat out. Some travel agent has just informed me all the ranger stations are completely booked 30 days in advance. Uggh! Of course thats completely inconsistent with everything else we have experienced. The station we want to stay at sleeps 28 in dorm beds and I find it hard to believe its full when the hotels are all empty.

We met a nice couple at breakfast this morning who tried to hike from Leona Ranger station to Sirena ranger station. They waited for low tide to cross a river but a rainstorm kicked in and the river flooded carrying whole trees down river. They took in a tentless hiker and had a miserable night in a storm 30 minutes from the Sirena ranger station. They turned around in the morning.
However, a different group crossed the river hours after them. We heard varying opinions about whether there were crocodiles in the river. There probably are, but they shouldnt be an issue. However, the next river along the coast after Sirena ranger station is suppposed to have crocodiles and hammerhead sharks at high tide. Yum Yum.
Did I mention that we have to watch out for roving packs of wild white lipped boar that have been known to travel in packs of 100 to 300 and are extremely aggressive. I have to practice tree climbing with Denise before we head out. No injuries reported, but one guide waited out a group of 20 boars silently until they got bored.

The guides seem good, and there is no shortage of things to do in Puerto Jimenez. The beaches are quite nice. There is a surf spot across the Gulfo Dulce that has a famous 1 mile long left point break.

I was hoping to pick up a mosquito net in town for our camping but that is not to be found. Its looking more and more like I am going to drop Denise at a luxury resort with cute cabana boys and head of into the jungle to chase down some jaguars.