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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Medical Insurance-Beauracratic Nightmare

Before Denise and I are done we will have arranged insurance with 4 seperate insurance companies and half a dozen meetings with Doctors and Pharmacists.

We are losing our coverage with Healthnet since Denise is leaving her job tommorow. We are getting some coverage after our trip to Costa Rica to cover us for the month of September while we wait for Denise's new company's coverage to kick in.

Denise is getting Travel insurance including health for US citizens and I am getting travel insurance for non-US citizens. 4 companies in 2 weeks!

We met with our doctor and he prescribed 3 preventitative medicines. Typhoid shots, Malaria pills, and Hepatitis A shots. We had two visits to the doctors office to get the Hep A shots. We made trips to 4 pharmacies and spent two one hour trips at the Rite-Aid to negotiate getting the malaria pills we needed in sufficient quantities!

We have contacted the director of our local health care provider and our insurance company to help figure out who is going pay for our typhoid shots. We have now brought in a mediator after about an hour or more of finger pointing to negotiate our re-imbursement.

4 shots, 8 pills, and $5000(guesstimated) in time and administration. Any wonder health care costs are going through the roof.