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Kieran and Denise's Blog of their adventure in Costa Rica. Start reading from the bottom if you want it to make sense.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Mid vacation blues

Hi, we spent from 8AM yesterday until 3PM travelling to the town of Quepos. The travel is really starting to wear on us. We were trying to go south to get to the Osa Pennisula. Everyone was recommending we return to the capital city in the middle of Costa Rica to get to Puerto Jimenez. That seemed madness so we decided to trek down to the highly recommended Manuel Antionio national park outside Quepos. We didn't have any confirmed travel plans and instead tried to patch together our own routing which has turned out to be fairly painful.

After arriving in Puntarenas by ferry we realized we had a 4 hour lay-over and then would arrive after sunset, which meant we would lose an entire day. Denise is really wearing under the constant bus travel and repeated poor sleeping conditions. I convinced a couple from Montreal to split a taxi with us so we could get to the beach, do some laundry, and enjoy a walk and dinner during sunset on the Pacific Ocean. We stopped the taxi at one point to photograph a couple dozen crocodiles in a river. SCARY! We downed a couple cocktails and enjoyed the rain when we got to the beach.

The beach is amazing, but the rain and cloudy skies put a damper on things. Also, the beach is being really heavily developed. We must have counted 40 hotels and restaurants through the forest leading upto the beach and entrance to the park. Real Estate mania makes it feel like the valley.

We stayed in a new hostel and the young english couple who owned, Wide Mouth Frog, were great. It's nice being able to walk up to someone and say, here are 5 things I need to make me happy and getting 4/5 things agreed to in less than 60 seconds.

We spent the last 3 hours working on travel logistics. Mostly, I think another day consuming bus trip will wipe Denise out. So we are going to the beach, enjoying the day and then catching a 3.5 hour express Bus to San Jose. We will catch a cheaper 50 minute flight directly to Puerto Jimenez tommorow at 6AM. It's likely we will stick there for several days and may drop the ubiquitos river rafting trip out of our schedule and replace it with the highly recommended kayaking trips in the Golfo Dulce (Soft Gulf) near Puerto Jiminez.

I am hoping to still sneak in a 20KM rain forest hike, but I suspect Denise won't be comming. We will definately be doing a 11 mile out and back beach hike along the Pacific from Carate to Leona ranger station in Corcovado National Park.

We are off to the beach, and probably a massage for Denise. I might try swimming to local islands if the currents aren't too strong.