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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Montezuma-trekking to the beach

Well Denise is certainly being creative. It's true the hike was a little sporty, and the bush was a little dense, but for the most part the trail was wide and extremly well used. As soon as we ran into other couples you could see her tension drop several notches. It's just a matter of getting used to a new type of hiking.

The rain was refreshing and didn't last too long. Our moisture wicking clothes had mostly dried before we finished the hike. Her knees would have been fine if the Ibuprofin hadn't melted in her pocket. But when she started paraphrasing Dante's inferno "Woe to you, wicked souls! Hope not ever to see Heaven! I come to carry you to the other bank, into eternal darkness, to heat and frost. And thou who art there, living soul, depart from these that are dead." I knew she was fine.

We spent 6 long hours from 8:00AM to 2:30PM on Tuesday travelling with Interbus to get to Montezuma. We made new friends with Frank, a sociology and stats prof at St. John's, and Leanne, a health care program manager, his girlfriend. Frank and I let Denise and Leanne pick the hotel in Montezuma and they chose air-conditioned rooms. We then spent the next 1.5 hours walking through the town of Montezuma checking out the 20 year old dread locked wanna be's and just about every other hotel in town. The humitidy was so high we finally agreed air-conditioning was the most important feature.

We crashed into our hotels for some down time. I decided to go for a run at sunset on the beach. There was a lightning storm as the sun set and so I had the beach all to myself and it was being lit up brilliantly by bolts of lightning on the horizon. It was a short run but it was spectacular.

I arranged a cocktail hour with Pilsen and a Chilean Chardonnay at 7PM before heading off to a marvelous restaurant called Cocolores. The proprieters were young italians who looking like surfers. But the food was so good I felt like I was in Sicily which was a nice break from our steady diet of rice and beans. Denise had vege-kabobs that stood a foot and a half tall. Frank had bacon rapped filet mignon, and Leanne had Halibut in a coconut curry sauce. Everything was amazing. The consistency and quality reminded me of the passion the italians brought to food. I had Ceviche. Ceviche is the dish that every doctor and every travel book tells you not to eat. But I felt I was in good hands. Ceviche is raw fish marinated in lemon juice. My ceviche melted in my mouth it was the best fish I have eaten since I ate the greatest meal of my life in Milan. I was covered in raw garlic and olive oil and I devoured every last drop.

After dinner we headed to the local club and got a table in the sand on the ocean surrounded by luminarias. It was perfect. We got drinks for the ladies and Frank and I retired to the far side of the beach to enjoy some beautiful cuban cigars for a while. We left the girls alone and soon enough several guys had joined them and had them laughing. Frank and I decided to wait until these guys bought the girls drinks before we returned. We called it a night.

All night long Denise kept complaning about my toxic garlic breath. The room was saturated in garlic in the morning! We met up with the Candian honeymooners Fonda and Al at 10AM. We took a short bus ride to Cabo Blanco and did a very muddy 8.5 km hike through the rainforest to a beautiful beach. Denise was complaining about how much she was done with rainforests when I noticed a large group of white faced monkeys in front of us. It was awesome. They were climbing all around us and and climbing to the ground to pick ripe fruit off the ground while keeping an eye on us. I even saw a baby monkey riding on it's mother's back. It was awesome.

The trail was really muddy and I finally convinced Denise to stop trying to avoid the mud and just walk through it. That sped us up and we arrived at the beach in 2 hours and 20 minutes. I jumped into the ocean for some body surfing on great waves and played with some rocks on the beach. Denise played with the hundreds of tiny crabs moving in and out of their shells while she ate lunch.

I suggested that we do a waterfall hike when we got back to town and everybody looked tired and thought I was crazy. But when the bus went past the waterfall they agreed to do it. They hopped out and I told them I would meet up with them while I went and got Frank and Leanne in town. We climbed the first waterfall but it was a difficult trip if you didn't find the path. Denise couldn't see through the rushing water because it was brown and decided against crossing the river on the way up. She turned back and joined Al and Fonda. Al had cut his hand and need to clean it up. I charged ahead and found the way, and then returned to find Frank and Leanne wading along the banks. We made it to the waterfall and it was awesome. The water was a little cooler than the body temparature water in the ocean from earlier. We swam around for a while and then headed back to catch up with Denise.

We stopped and made reservations for 30 minutes from now at the Cafe De Les Artistes. It's a beautiful candlelit cafe on the ocean with great lounging chairs. You almost expect to be fed grapes they look so comfortable.

Sorry the pictures are blurry.