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Kieran and Denise's Blog of their adventure in Costa Rica. Start reading from the bottom if you want it to make sense.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Off to the Volcano

Denise did remarkably well on the night rain forest tour last night. Considering she runs screaming everytime she sees a spider she starred with curiosity as our tour guide coaxed two different large female tarrantulas out of their holes. We also got to see a viper in the tree above our path. We got poured on at the end of our tour last night.

We tried to get into the trendy restaurant when we got back for dinner but were rejected since it was too late. We settled for a nice pizza restaurant and brought a bottle of Chilean chardonnay. Alan and I split a fettucine carbonara while the Fonda and Denise waited for their large vegetarian pizza. After an hour of waiting and watching other tables be seated, fed, and billed I got up and started complaining. I think they waited another 20 minutes before they even considered making our pizza after that.

We headed back to the hostel and had a lousy nights sleep. The people next door had the rustiest door hinges imaginable and decided to open and close the door some 200 times between 10PM and 2AM. Also, the compound light were shinning right into our room through the flimsy curtains.

We forgot our alarm, so when we woke up at 5:45AM we decided to stay up rather than risk sleeping through our 8AM ride. We will be taking a 3 hour trip to Arenal volcano and the base city of La Fortuna. We will take a 1.5 hour jeep trip, then a 15 minute ferry, and finally another jeep trip to get there, saving us from an 8 hour bus only trip.