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Kieran and Denise's Blog of their adventure in Costa Rica. Start reading from the bottom if you want it to make sense.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Oh Goody, more rain

We had a good trip this morning to La Fortuna. After crossing Arenal lake I checked with the driver to see how long we were stopping. He said 20 minutes.

I took the opportunity to do SW Laps. SW Laps are the length of time it takes to swim out into the lake before your Wife starts Screaming to get back in the van or she´s leaving without you! I had to sneak in a swim because the lake is a man made lake. Almost every other body of water in Costa Rica has either crocodiles or sharks.

We met up with the Icelandic couple Andre and Secgy(sp.). We checked into the same hotel and tried to self arange a couple of hikes, massaging, and hot tubs. Before we could get in the cab we got horribly bad information from the locals and it started to pour. Multiple locals convinced us that the waterfall hike was a 40 minute drive and 1.5 hour hike one way. Since it was raining we bailed. Of course as soon as the rain stopped I convinced Denise to do it anyway. It turned out to be a 15 minute drive and a 10 minute hike, which was what the guide book indicated. We chalked it up to a poor translation. It was a beautiful 100ft powerful waterfall. I got in the water and started swimming against the current for about 10 sprints. It poured and Denise got soaked but she was happy.

We were incredibly pleased when our cab driver actually showed up at the arranged time to pick us up in the down pour. The Costa Rican´s have had a lot of opportunities to really screw us over and overwhelming they have been great. It´s no suprise it´s such a popular destination.

I have arranged a massage and pampering package for the ladies. Then we are off to the hot tubs for the evening. It´s been raining a lot which means that the skies should clear this evening and we will get to sit in the hot tubs, drink, and watch a live volcano errupt in the darkness. Better than XBox.