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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Poisin things in Costa Rica

Denise and I have been working on a list of poisin things in Costa Rica. Here it goes:
1. Exhaust. Being back in San Jose, CR makes you appreciate smog tests in San Jose, CA.
2. Cigarette Smoke. People smoke and its really annoying to be enjoying a nice meal. I am thinking about starting a punch a smoker day, as a national holiday. Maybe Ill start it in Costa Rica.
3. Cashews: Apparently the cultivation and production of cashews is extreme toxic. The tree and the oils are very toxic and must be burned off. The smoke from the burning is also toxic and we have heard of horrible chemical like burns for those who tried to bite into a cashew raw.
4. Trees: We ran into a tree the other day that is so toxic mearly lying beneath it and breathing in the presence of the tree can cause serious reactions let alone coming into contact.
5. Spiders: We have heard mixed things. But the best we have heard is that spiders will bite you and insert gastric acid into the bite. If you are allergic to it, its bad, otherwise its like a wasp sting.
6. Vipers: Okay, they are usually high in the trees at night, and hidden behind flowers in the jungle. You probably wont run into them with out a guide, but they are there.
7. Dengue mosquitos: we heard there might be an dengue fever outbreak here in Puerto Jimenez but it was debunked second hand by a doctor. However, in Limon there have been over 11, 000 cases of Dengue fever and the authorities are doing an aggresive campaign of spray every outbreak area.