San Jose^2

Kieran and Denise's Blog of their adventure in Costa Rica. Start reading from the bottom if you want it to make sense.

Monday, August 30, 2004

San Jose to San Jose

We had a nice breakfast on the lagoon. I saw our plane fly overhead and suggested to Denise that we better hustle to get to the airport. When we arrived the plane looked full and they seem hesitant to even wait for us even though we were 20 minutes early. We got on board and they started the engines and readied for take off. Just then a boat pulled up and the resort guide manuevered around the propellars to negotiate with the captain to let his guests on.

We spent the day in San Jose wandering around the downtown and visiting the National History Museum. It was good museum with a very rich history and collection of items demonstrating the anthropology of the people who settled Costa Rica. We spent some time in an internet cafe, and enjoyed some good food and shopping before heading to the airport.

Well we are back now if you want to drop us a line. I'll be moving the pictures to somewhere more permanent so let me know if you want to see more of them.