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Monday, August 09, 2004

Training-with little or no time

Denise and I work out regularly. We both do body pump several times a week. I recently completed a training cycle for my Alcatraz Sharkfest swim. Denise has been training to run a 10K in September with her friend Mary.

I like to cram my training when possible, but recognize that it is best to train over the long run with discipline. However, since we are throwing this trip together at the last minute I figure we should just be working out like crazy! Denise disagrees with the like crazy part.

As part of our training we tried a studio cycling class at the Y. I think it's the sweatiest public exercise I have done. Denise decided that un-padded cycling shorts and a seat that bends up isn't a prerequisite for her trip and chose to return to studio cycling another day.

Saturday we got up early and headed out to Alum Rock Park for a hike with Gina. Denise's sister Gina is in town for a visit after returning from Korea where she visited her husband Doyle who flies F-16's for the US air force. I suggested we drive to the top pay parking lot at the Alum Rock Park and try to conquer the summit. But when we learned it was $6 to park there we opted for the free parking at the park entrance and a less aggressive hike.

Beside's we were in a rush to see a risque exhibit at the SF MOMA and had to get going to meet up with our friends Mary and Dave.

Denise and I raided sports basement and picked up a few items that I was missing like a light weight long sleeve sports shirt for bug protection, fancy sports underwear, water purifying iodine crystals, and some new kinds of liquid sports gels.

On Sunday, Gina, Denise and I headed up to Sonoma in wine country for a little bike riding and a lot of tasting. It was really humid and hot and it was a good acclimatizing experience for Denise and I.

What do you think we should do for training only a few days away? Train hard to warm the body up for the trip, or start relaxing now and deal with the conditioning once the adventure starts?