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Kieran and Denise's Blog of their adventure in Costa Rica. Start reading from the bottom if you want it to make sense.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Woe to all who enter here!

Well, here we are in La Fortuna, the small Costa Rican town that sits at the base of the world's second most active volcano. Today we went on The Hike from Hell aka Hiking in Hell aka The Hell Hike aka...well, you get the picture. We started out clean, dry, insect bite free, full of energy, and had healthy knees and a full stomach. We were good to go! As we started hiking, I noticed these rather large ants carrying leaves on the trail...yes, these would be the red Killer ants that like to hop on your shoes and then climb up and into your socks to bite you...ok, so not a really big deal unless you're hiking uphill (the whole way, barefoot and in the snow) and can't stop for breaks less you want to get attacked by these flesh eating insects. After scrambling through a river bank (full of killer ants), we made it to the next part of our hike which was the Rain Forest. Oh yea. I had no idea that we were hiking through the rain forest again. Kieran sold me on a beautiful, mostly flat hike with fantastic views of the volcano and a Tiki Hut with beer at the end. Was there a Tiki Hut on this hike? No, but we had other wonderful things like giant spiders, potentially lurking viper snakes, mosquitos, mud, and rain. The trail involved climbing 3000 steps to the top of a hill with no view and very cold rain only to find out that we would have to hike back down the other side for another 15 minutes to reach the lake that was covered in fog. We bailed on going to the lake and started heading down the hill just as it started to pour rain. It poured and poured and poured and poured. Dirt turned to mud and mud turned into a slippery brown foilage-y mess and Kieran and I took turns covering our butts, legs and arms with mud as we hiked (sild) down the hill. I got bit by a few bugs and several tree roots snagged our legs. When we arrived at our hotel we were covered in mud and soaking wonder the taxi driver was so happy to see us!