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Monday, December 20, 2004

Arrived in Ottawa: 80 Degree F drop

Well, we didn't have a great trip. We got up at 6:45AM to catch the 8AM Caltrain to Millbrae. Denise packed one of my bags. It had an additional two bottles of wine, so the morning jog over to the Caltrain was a real heart thumper.

We got to the Continental counter around 9:30. I had put on my watch for the first time in months for this trip. Around 9:55 I started panicking because I thought it was 10:55AM. I started telling the continental passenger rustler we were going to miss our flight. I felt really stupid when Denise told me we had over an hour to catch out plane.

Our plane left late from SFO. So we had to haul across a couple terminals at Newark. I carried all the bags and Denise ran ahead to hold the gate. When I got there they were getting ready to close the gate , but Denise wasn't there. She had seen people waiting for the next flight, and decided to go to the bathroom!

When we got on the plane, a french Canadian woman returning from Quiznos University was on the plane. She had been drinking. It was so painful listening to her classless loud conversation that I was hoping the plane would crash. Denise and I were covering our ears with our hands.
When we arrived in Ottawa there was no gate. Unfortunately, my jacket was stowed in the hold so I had to go outside in -22C weather. It was cold.

My brother, Shannon, met us at the gate with a giant coat for Denise.

We got home to my Dad's soon and had some simple dinner before heading to bed early. I stayed up and debugged my new web site for a while.