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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

SJ Rep-Tuesday's with Morrie

I have been going to SJ Rep consistently for a couple
years. We enjoy going because it's a different form or entertainment,
and we believe it's important to experience community arts.

Typically we are so so on the plays at the SJ Rep and to a certain
extent so is the audience. This sunday we went to see Tuesdays with
Morey. It was a captivating play written by the Mitch Albom, the
author of Tuesdays with Morey, and the 13 time winner of #1 Sports
Columnist in the Nation by the sports editors of America.

What was different about this play is the audience laughed deeply and
openly 20-30 times. I looked around and everyone was laughing. At
the end, the theater was sobbing. However, you feel about the
material there's no denying the comic timming and dramatic intensity
of the actors on stage.

It's a really good performance.