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Friday, January 28, 2005

Body Pump Scripts

This is a set of scripts from the Body Pump instructor training class I am taking this weekend. Scripts are little phrases that give your class members audio cues as what to do next.
If you have some more scripts please add them in the comments and link to this page from your blog.

Goal Post
Elbows no longer
Create Clevage
Do not Cross feet
No locking elbows at top
Neutral Spine

Carousel Horse
Tuck your tail
No “Duck Butt”
Back Heel up-Stillettos, Kick-stand
Eyes on the horizon
Zorro References

Back- Clean’N press, Dead Lift, Dead Rows
“Raise the Roof”
Take it upstairs/downstairs
To the knees and squeeze
Shave your legs with the bar
No camel backs
Ski jumps, not speed bumps

Chunk it up
Time to work the guns
Time to tighten the wings
Linda Hamilton/Angela Bassett/Hilary Swank arms
Let’s pump it up.
Time to fire up the guns
Bottom half under the table.
Don’t eat the bar.

Squeeze shoulders back
Keep elbows inline with shoulders
Increase distance between ears and shoulders
Relax Shoulder
SkiJumps not Speedbumps, Sexy Pose
Reach for the sky
See weights in your peripheral vision
Row-upto nipples
Do the govenator

ElbowsBack like skier or chicken wings
Elbows brush side of ribcage
Elbows pt to ceilling
Bottom of ribcage
Mummy and Frankenstien grip
No Wrinkles on wrist.